Web Widgets and Gadgets

Every day companies are launching new products and services that are accessed via the Internet. The amount of information an individual must process each day of their lives is growing – almost every day. This information is coming from every conceivable direction – home, work, school, friends, church etc. The internet is clearly becoming the backbone for gathering and managing all of this information and making it available when and where it is needed most.

Personalized start pages like iGoogle, MyYahoo and Netvibes are becoming the dashboards of the internet – allowing users to drag and drop widgets of information and services important to them onto one page, giving them one site to visit each morning instead of dozens….

We realize the majority of web users are not yet using personalized start pages like the Schedulefly techies – but they will soon! Eventually all of the information that a person deals with will need to be mashed together in one place. Who knows where that one place will be. Today it could be google – tomorrow it could be an Internet enabled refridgerator in your kitchen or a dashboard in your car. Yes – I bet one day you will be drinking your coffee in the kitchen and using your touch screen fridge monitor to sift through local news, weather, your bank account statement…and yep – your work schedule!

When Schedulefly was created – we knew that the product needed to be ready to be “widgetized”, so it could be easily integrated into the lives of its users. For the business owner or the advanced techie, Schedulefly offers a powerful API that allows a deep integration of Schedulefly with their back office systems. For our end users – we offer RSS feeds that allow integration of work schedules and important company news into their day to day lives.

Here is a screenshot of a RSS Schedulefly feed inside a google homepage. Its the top left widget….

We also provide a secure feed for company messages left on the company message board. See the top left widget on this Netvibes personalized page…

The platforms that people use to aggregate all of the information in their lives will come and go – but the constant flow of information is here to stay. Users will adapt and change the ways they digest this information – we are making sure that our information follows them!