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Month: November 2007

Schedulefly Integration with Facebook Launched

FacebookWe’ve just launched an integration with Facebook that allows our users, who also use Facebook, to easily access their restaurant work schedules and full Schedulefly functionality from within Facebook!

We use the Facebook platform API to achieve ‘Single Sign On’ between Schedulefly and Facebook. For users – this means one less userid/password combination to remember and seamless access to Schedulefly inside Facebook.

After adding our application to their profile, Facebook users can add a Schedulefly link to their sidebar menu – which will show them their work schedule, other Facebook users at their company and a link to jump out to Schedulefly where they can trade shifts, post messages and request time off.

Click here to add Schedulefly to your Facebook profile


Our Scheduling Product Thrives On Customer Feedback

One of the coolest things about scheduling “software as a service” is how quickly we can react to customer feedback and turn it into great product enhancements that are seamlessly deployed to all of our customers. We have been working very hard on a number of different functions inside Schedulefly.

The backbone of our employee scheduling product is most certainly the screen where you create and edit your work schedules. This screen is where a scheduling restaurant manager spends the majority of his or her time while logged into Schedulefly. Today – we launched some major improvements to this screen, summarized below.

* Improved navigation and overall layout of the shift scheduling screen. We have made it easier to move through the restaurant work week and to see which employees are available to work and which ones have already been scheduled.

* Ability to sort scheduled employees by name, shift time or day part.

* Improved work shift copy function. You simply check the box next to the work shifts you want to copy – and then check the days you want to copy them to.

We’ve also deployed a few more enhancements over the last month in other areas of Schedulefly including an employee time-off request report and a way for customers to display the message board in Schedulefly – on their own website.

Below is a screen shot of the new scheduling screen:

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