Schedulefly Growing….

Schedulefly, the leader in online restaurant scheduling, today announced that its web-based scheduling platform has reached over 2000 users worldwide. Companies like the Melting Pot¸ Mellow Mushroom, and Caffé Luna have turned to Schedulefly to allow managers to create, refine and update schedules – and automatically push new or updated information to employees via text messages, emails or an online, 24/7 portal.

For years, restaurant managers have relied on antiquated scheduling methods, often using paper calendars in common areas to display shift assignments. This system frequently breaks down when employees switch shifts or if management needs to add or remove staff after setting the schedule. Schedulefly automates that process, providing an online format that simplifies resource allocation and provides instant feedback to an increasingly web-savvy workforce.

“Restaurant managers can spend a majority of their time in organizing staff schedules and communicating with staff,” said Weston Aiken, founder and president of Schedulefly. “To provide the best customer service possible, you must have the right people on duty at the right time. The Schedulefly solution provides a cost-effective method for gaining complete control of the scheduling process – and helps managers reach a workforce accustomed to communicating via email, text messaging and social networking.”

Schedulefly helps managers save time on critical scheduling tasks while reducing errors by allowing staff to:

– Access the latest work schedules online
– Communicate with management and other employees via a central interactive message board
– Switch or trade shifts – with management approval – quickly and easily
– Upload training manuals, handbooks and flyers to stay up-to-date on the latest restaurant information

“Schedulefly is beneficial for a number of reasons. Most important to us is that we can expect our staff to know their work schedule 100% of the time with 100% certainty as opposed to the old paper schedule.” said Parker Kennedy, owner of Caffé Luna. “It is helpful from an organizational standpoint as well, allowing us to communicate remotely.”

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