Schedulefly Network (BETA) Launched!

We are excited to announce the first release of the Schedulefly Network – a new enhancement available inside our online employee scheduling and communication platform. This feature allows all of our customers to connect with each other and share tips, best practices and general industry knowledge. It is a great place for newly opened restaurants to learn from experienced restaurateurs – as well as a place for schedulefly users around the world to make new friends and connections with people in their industry.

The Network also allows our online scheduling customers with multiple locations to create private discussion groups across locations. This is an ideal communication platform for our chain, franchise and food group customers.

We are considering adding a way for our users to invite non schedulefly users to join a network group. This could allow our customers to invite their customers to join a group and be alerted to new menu changes, specials and promotions. The alerts would be sent via the delivery method of choice – RSS, text message or email.

More to come as this exciting new feature evolves….

The Schedulefly Team