New Data Center Highlights

We’ve moved! On Saturday morning, after intense planning and testing, we moved the Schedulefly application and database to a new state-of-the-art data center in Raleigh NC. The adoption of our software over the last year has been fantastic and we are anticipating significant growth to continue in 09. Thanks to the hard work and expertise of a few key people – the site is now up and running on this new platform – with redundancy at every level.

Here are some Schedulefly data center highlights:

* SAS 70 Type II certified Data Center – more info here

* Redundant power drops and redundant 2 megawatt diesel powered generators. Our server cage is powered by 2 separate power grids. If one fails – the other kicks in.

* Redundant Multi-Gig Internet Backbone – our server cage has 2 separate Internet feeds – failover works like the power example.

* Double Man Traps force double verification upon entering the data center. Biometric hand scanner verifies unique hand geometry image and a heat signature before allowing entry.

* Ballistics-proof walls, doors, and windows – rated to withstand a level 3 Hurricane.

* Security Cameras digitally record all movement in and around the data center.

* 24x7x365 fully staffed NOC (Network Operations Center)

Here are some Schedulefly specific highlights:

* Hourly, Daily and Weekly database backups are pushed to local and offsite servers. Bi-Weekly backups are taken offsite – burned to a DVD and filed.

* Server farm database mirroring. A “stand-by” web and database server is being updated in real time as database transactions occur – ready to take over if needed.

* Unlimited bandwidth that allows large uncapped bursts of activity at peak usage times. (See bandwidth monitor image below after a few days on new platform)

* Redundant DNS servers, firewalls, switches and network adapters.

Here a few photos snapped from our last visit when we were setting up…

Bandwidth chart over last few days – Sunday night in our system is hoppin!

We are thrilled to be up and running in our new digs. Plans are now on the whiteboard for future growth into a 2nd (mirrored) data center in a separate geographic location.

The Schedulefly Team