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Month: December 2008

Happy Holidays from Schedulefly

Its been a great year at Schedulefly. The feedback we’ve received this year from our customers and all the businesses who have tried our online employee scheduling product has been awesome. Every comment, idea and suggestion we’ve received this year has been taken to heart, considered, thrown up on the whiteboard and often addressed and implemented the same day!

We’ve created a really cool (and quickly growing) community of owners, managers and employees who make great suggestions that almost always benefit the entire community. All of your emails and posts to us are passed around to the entire team for thoughts and comments. We really do read and listen to each and every one. Keep em coming!

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday! Enjoy this short jib-jab skit staring the team at Schedulefly….it is indeed a wonderful life!

iPhone Web Application Launched

We have launched a web app optimized for the iPhone that gives Schedulefly users mobile access to their Schedulefly account and allows them to:

* Check their Schedule
* See Who is at Work Today
* Post and Reply to the Message Wall
* Check their SF Inbox
* Pickup Shifts
* View the Employee Directory

We are now working on additional functionality including Shift Giveups, My Account Updates (personal info and alert preferences) and Management Reports including our online Time Clock thats lets you see who is at work from your iPhone!

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