Dolce and Ketchup Loving Schedulefly

The Dolce Group and Schedulefly have teamed up to bring Online Employee Scheduling to one of the leading and trendiest hospitality groups in the country. They have certainly set the bar for trendy restaurants across the country with concepts such as Dolce and Les Deux in West Hollywood – and now that they have moved their schedules and employee data to the web – they have raised the bar even higher!

Sam Rubin – Dolce’s Director of Marketing had this to say about the impact Schedulefly has had on The Dolce Group’s concepts so far…

“Schedulefly is hands-down the best resource we have implemented at our restaurants. The staff absolutely love that they get their schedules sent via text and on Facebook and those that have an iPhone – love the mobile application.

With Schedulefly we have eliminated any errors in scheduling due to availability and the shift change process is fool proof. I would put Schedulefly as a must have application for any restaurant (even before a POS system or reservation system). Best of all…the staff LOVE Schedulefly.”

Sam is one of the hardest working managers we’ve run across and has provided really great feedback over the last year that has turned directly into new features. I will always remember that evening when Sam called, clearly on a busy Friday night, while away from the computer, and said – “Hey – it’s great and all that I get these shift trade alerts on my blackberry – but it’s a huge pain to have to go find a computer to approve them! Can I get an approve link and a box to add comments?”

This was such a great call – because we knew Sam was on his way to changing the way he dealt with schedule changes – forever. That night – we added that link to the blackberry alert for Sam and every other scheduling manager using Schedulefly.

We look forward to working with Sam and his team as we introduce Schedulefly to more of Dolce Group’s concepts.

The Schedulefly Team