How is Online Scheduling and the Team at Schedulefly Helping Your Business?

We recently asked our customers a few questions to see how they felt about our product, our service and our company. We’ve been thrilled to see so many of them responding with wonderful feedback and suggestions for future enhancements. We plan on sharing many of these Q&A’s here on our blog over the coming months – hopefully to paint a picture of the real impact online employee scheduling is having on our industry.

We asked BJ Frentzel, a customer with multiple restaurant concepts in Winston Salem NC, a few questions. Here are his answers straight from his email response…

Why do you use Schedulefly?

“I am the Director of Operations for a multi-concept, multi-unit restaurant group. I was looking for a tool that was easy for managers to use, easy for our employees to use, and gave me the ability to track and offer suggestions to improving the scheduling and labor costs. Schedulefly has meet and exceeded our expectations.”

How much time does Schedulefly save you per week – vs. your previous scheduling process – in creating and managing schedules?

“It easily saves each manager at each restaurant 3-5 hours per week.”

How much are you saving in weekly labor costs by using Schedulefly?

“Easily a few hundred dollars just in the manager’s time alone.”

What is it like to do business with Schedulefly?

“You guys are super-responsive and have a clear dedication to service and improvement. In the restaurant industry it’s been my experience when looking for tech bases solutions (whether for inventory, POS systems, scheduling, etc), once a company gets your money they really don’t care anymore. You guys flip that practice on its head. Its great working with you and you’re one of the very small expenses that I don’t mind parting with each month because you definitely earn every bit of your fee.”

Any other thoughts or ideas you would like to share?

“I really can’t say enough positive things about your product…I’ve been writing schedules at restaurants for years now. I’m jealous of the manager’s that I hire now since they’ll never know the pain of the old way we used to schedule. I think you’re honestly revolutionizing the way restaurants schedule and communicate with their employees. It’s great.”