Restaurant Staff Communication and the Schedulefly Message Wall

Schedulefly is revolutionizing the way restaurants communicate and connect with their staff!
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I just broadcasted this message to staff’s inboxes, cell phones, Facebook pages and our company Twitter!
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Hi Team – Please review the new Employee Handbook I just uploaded to our Documents page. Thanks!
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Each Schedulefly account has a “Message Wall” that enables managers and staff to communicate important messages to each other, online, from anywhere at anytime. Messages and their replies, like the ones above, are displayed on every staff member’s Schedulefly home page.

Posting a new message to all staff or select groups of staff is easy. You can post it from your Schedulefly page – or you can post it from a mobile device, your cell phone and even Facebook. Managers with important or time sensitive messages can broadcast the message out to inboxes and cell phones as a text message.

If you use Twitter for your business and have a following of eagerly listening customers – we’ve also added a cool feature that lets you choose to have your message “auto-tweeted” to your Twitter page. Maybe your alerting your staff to a weekly drink special they should mention or to some great new menu changes – why not go ahead and alert your Twitter followers too?!

When you combine this powerful messaging tool with the ability to upload and share documents, photos and videos – communication with your staff has never been easier and is now actually pretty fun!

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