Schedulefly Innovation & The Power of Multi-Tenancy

Schedulefly is a multi-tenant software application – which means we have one web application that serves all of our customers. Think of it like living in a high rise condo vs a single family home neighborhood. You can move in a make your private living space your own – but the yard, the building and all the cool amenities are provided by and updated by Schedulefly!

One of the benefits of a multi-tenant application, for our customers, is the ability to collaborate and learn from each other – inside our application. They can share best practices and “crowd source” answers by asking questions that are seen by thousands of restaurant professionals also using Schedulefly.

Here is a shot of the “Schedulefly Network” tab – showing a discussion between Wil Brawley and a dozen or so customers. Each customer has access to the “Network” tab – where they can get involved in these discussions. We love it when they take time to get involved.

This inter-tenant collaboration is very powerful not only for our customers – but also for our development team here at Schedulefly. It enables us to easily communicate with our customers on anything and everything related to our product. We have some innovative ideas (some maybe crazy!) that we are able to pitch to everyone – to see their response – and to start a discussion.

It’s a win-win because we are ensuring that our product continues to add value for everyone – while allowing customers to be intimately involved in the evolution of our product.

The Schedulefly Team