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Month: March 2009

Old School Restaurateur Hangs Up Phone and Embraces Online Scheduling at Schedulefly

We mentioned in a previous post that we had begun asking our customers a few simple questions about why they are embracing an obvious trend in the restaurant industry. This trend is a move from traditional paper based scheduling and old school communication techniques to online scheduling and modern day technology on the web. Considering the amount of free time that restaurant professionals don’t have – we’ve been overwhelmed at how quickly they are responding! Must be the time savings we’ve created?

One of these customers is Stephen Kanetake – manager at the high-energy Mikuni Sushi at the Northstar Resort in Lake Tahoe. We asked him a few questions to see how he felt about our online employee scheduling product, our service and our company. Here are his answers and comments straight from his email…

Why do you use Schedulefly?

We are in a volatile, seasonal, ski resort area with four distinct seasons. I generally have my managers schedule on the heavy side and I’ll make adjustments to numbers and in-times as I see the week unfold. We always get last minute large groups so I can post needed shifts, blast them out to staff, and they are picked up instantly.

How much time does Schedulefly save you per week – vs. your previous scheduling process – in creating and managing schedules?

My department managers love it. Saves them about an hour each, every week. I can review and approve or send back for adjustments in about 10 minutes.

How much are you saving in weekly labor costs by using Schedulefly?

1.5 TO 2%

What is it like to do business with Schedulefly?


Any other thoughts or ideas you would like to share?

Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! I am an old fashioned restaurateur who started out taking orders on tickets, using abbreviations and using the phone. I have given in to the fact that texting and emailing are the new communication avenues. Much more efficient way to put the word out. Staff loves it.

The greatest benefit we have experienced is the ease with which the staff can giveup and pickup shifts. I can also look ahead and see potential issues with who is giving up shifts for what reasons and start planning an alternate shift attack. Being in a ski resort, if someone is trying to unload a shift because they broke their pelvis in two places or blew out an MCL, I can start lobbying for people to pickup the shifts or start making alternate plans.

Last week we had a sudden drop off in sales due to the weather changing from snow to rain. I was able to broadcast a message to all staff that I was looking for volunteers to give up their shifts so I could cut labor costs. BLAM!!!!!!!!! I got slammed with 10 requests. I was also able to stagger the in-times as well, which alerts the staff members to the change – instantly – via text message. AMAZING!!

Easy ROI with Schedulefly!

What if you could eliminate missed shifts, cut scheduling time by 75% (and eliminate scheduling headaches), reduce labor costs, reduce manager turnover, cut paper and ink costs, and attract and retain top talent to deliver excellent guest experiences and help you succeed. Our customers will tell you: YOU CAN!

Eliminate Missed Shifts due to Scheduling “Miscommunication”
This factor alone can pay for Schedulefly by itself – How much does a single missed shift cost you in lost business, bad service, frustrated employees having to pick up slack, etc.? Schedulefly is your “no excuses” tool.

John, Managing Partner at Zaxby’s, said: “Before Schedulefly, every week – half our of staff said they did not know their schedule. Now, everyone knows! Everyone can get their schedule by text, email or posted in the store. No excuses!”

Cut Scheduling Time by 75%
How much is your manager’s time worth? Would you like to free them up for several additional hours per week to focus on guest experiences and top line growth?

Brian, Manager at Fleet Reserve Club, said: “My assistant manager used to dread this and it would take hours to make a perfect schedule, now it takes about 15 minutes”

Reduce Labor Costs by 1% or More
Our labor cost report allows you to easily identify and cut extra labor costs.

Dan, Manager at Stonehouse Grille, said: “It has helped us cut 3% from BOH and 1% from FOH.”

Reduce Manager Turnover
Convenience of creating schedules from home, and drastically cutting scheduling time, creates manager delight and makes their lives easier.

Karen, Manager at Clyde’s, said: “Schedulefly makes my job as scheduling manager much easier. I like it because it is easy to use and it is easily accessible for both management and servers. It has also cut down on the confusion and inaccuracies with time off requests. I have gone down from 8 plus hours to about an hour or sometimes even less a week.”

Attract & Retain Top Talent
Give yourself a competitive advantage. Top talent will be more likely to join you – and stay – if you make their lives easier and give them a tool that aligns with how they manage the rest of their lives – on cell phones and the web!

Kiersten, Manger at Liberty Market, said: “Most of our employees are under the age of 25 and grew up with every conceivable form of technology. To not have to rely on paper for them and to use the means of communication that they themselves use is invaluable!”

Reduce paper and Ink Costs (and Improve Sustainability)
Eliminate paper schedules, as well as store new hire documents, training manuals, employee files, and other documents online.

Toby, GM at Max Restaurant, said: “Schedulefly reduces waste and helps our restaurant save. Moving the process online saves roughly 20,000 commuting miles a year and nearly cuts all paper usage. Schedulefly pays for itself over and over and over again.”

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