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Month: April 2009

Schedulefly keeps it silly easy for your staff

This is a quick look at how simple, yet powerful, online scheduling and communication at Schedulefly is for your staff. This short tour, created for your staff and posted in our help section inside Schedulefly, points out the few things they will use week in and week out. This includes checking their schedule, the ease of trading shifts with manager approval, requesting time off and communicating with you and the rest of your team using Schedulefly, their mobile devices and popular social networking platforms.

Start your free trial today and get your team involved from the get-go…so they can help you determine if this is indeed a tool to make all of your lives easier!

The Schedulefly Team

Quick Schedulefly Tour

Here is a video tour of online restaurant scheduling and communication at Schedulefly – giving you a chance to see the look and feel of our application. We point out a few of the simple features that are making our customers’ lives a whole lot easier. We make it a habit of asking our new customers why they choose Schedulefly and how we can continue to make it better – and a big reason many of them decide to join our family is because our product is very easy to use – their staff loves it – and our company is fun and easy to do business with.

Enjoy the 3-minute tour…after your done – sign up for a free, no obligation, fully featured 30-day trial. Get your staff involved quickly – and you’ll be hooked in just a few days. You will never look back.

Schedulefly & Dolce Group Featured in Restaurants & Institutions Magazine

R&I (Restaurants & Institutions) recently wrote a great article about the
emerging trend of online restaurant employee scheduling and communication. Featured in the article is a screen shot of The Dolce Group’s Schedulefly page, and a summary of how Dolce is using Schedulefly across their locations to gain peace of mind – as well as save time and money!

Sam Rubin, the GM of both Dolce Enoteca and Ketchup in Huntsville, AL is
quoted as saying, “I think we’re paying right around $35 a month. And if it
was $100 I would still pay for it.” Like all of Schedulefly’s customers, Sam knows he is receiving an enormous return on investment (ROI), by saving time, eliminating scheduling miscommunication, and delighting his web-savvy, mobile workforce.

While the article doesn’t mention Schedulefly by name – we assure you Sam is
talking about us! He and the folks at Dolce have been great customers for a
long time. They are out in front of a quickly growing trend of restaurants
moving their schedules from pencil and paper to the Internet.

Here is a link to the R&I magazine article…

Introducing Fly Notes – A New School Notebook for Restaurant Managers

We’ve just launched a simple, yet powerful, new feature to Schedulefly – called Fly Notes. Restaurant managers are using this new tool to post and share notes, events, action items etc. with their management team. The Fly Notes page also displays the day’s weather forecast, the daily sales forecast and the scheduled labor cost as a percentage of that sales forecast. As with all new features we launch – this is included and available to every one of our trial and paying customers.

Managers can post one-time, daily, weekly or monthly reoccurring notes – and attach documents and photos as needed. Fly Notes can be assigned to individual managers or the entire team.

Email alerts can be sent when notes are added – and an email alert reminder system for reoccurring notes is underway. Each Fly Note can be added to a custom category and also commented on – fostering a web 2.0 style dialog on items and events related to the restaurant.

Here are few examples of Fly Notes categories being created so far:

-Daily To Do List
-Service Issues
-Customer Feedback
-Upcoming Events
-Shift Notes
-Food Cost
-Employee Issues

After some great initial feedback – we are already working on a few cool enhancements including the the ability to send emails to your Fly Notes page. Snap a quick photo of that dirty walk-in freezer from last night and forward it over to your Fly Notes for your management team to see in the morning!

The Schedulefly Team

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