Indie Restaurant Operators at NRA Show Digging Schedulefly’s Easy to Use Tools

We just got back from Chicago – our first time exhibiting at the National Restaurant Show. We met a bunch of really fun people – independent and small group restaurant operators who are excited about simple affordable tools to help their business.

Our number one goal for this show was to continue to create awareness about our technology in the restaurant industry. There are a handful of companies providing online scheduling and labor management tools – it was good to see them there as well – helping us create this awareness.

Some folks that stopped by had heard of the concept – some had not. For those that had not – we explained the high level summary and showed them how they can easily create employee work schedules and deliver them online, via email and text message, to PDAs and even via Facebook.

After 10 seconds of the basics – we had fun showing them some of the things that Schedulefly does that they had not already seen:

Easily Monitor Labor Costs vs Sales Forecasts
Scheduling managers can keep close watch on labor costs as they schedule – and can see the labor cost as a percentage of their daily and weekly sales forecast.

Upload/Share Documents Online
Restaurants can upload and share documents like employee manuals, menus, photos and training videos. They can see who is viewing them as well!

Multi-Unit Operator Dashboard
See all your locations with one login. Quickly see actionable events at all units and easily move between them to review schedules, labor costs and employee details.

Facebook Integration
While logged into their Facebook account – staff are one click away from their upcoming work schedule, important company alerts and more.

Twitter Integration
Restaurants are using Twitter to communicate with their customers. Our customers are posting things to their staff – like menu changes and nightly specials – that they are also blasting out to their Twitter followers. We make it easy to do it from one place.

Schedulefly Site Activity
Even with improved communication, sometimes things happen. That’s why we have an activity report that allows managers to review events happening inside schedulefly – useful when needing to unwind a communication problem.

Staff Photos
It sure makes it easier to put a face with a name – and its fun! New employees can quickly get familiar with their colleagues and management enjoys seeing a smiling face next to messages, time-off requests, shift trades, site activity and more.

Fly Notes for Managers
Managers can share events happening at the restaurant. Notes can be set to occur one-time or daily, weekly or monthly. Managers can attached photos and documents to notes and have notes emailed to managers when needed.

Schedulefly Community
Connect with other Schedulefly users from around the world – as well as everyone on our team. Share tips and tricks and contribute ideas/comments on new features we are working on!

Try online scheduling at Schedulefly today – for free – fully featured – no obligation. We would love to earn your business.

The Schedulefly Team
Tyler, Wil and Wes (North Carolina Boys!)