Schedulefly is Saving Restaurants Money & Keeping Teams Focused on Guests

Wil Brawley of Schedulefly is going to be interviewed for an article in a major restaurant publication about tools that save restaurants money. The editor told Wil she wants to know how much money the average customer saves by using Schedulefly. We emailed BJ Frentzel, Director of Ops at Focus Tank, and asked him how much he saves, and whether he’d be open to being interviewed as well.

Here’s his response:

This is great Wil, congrats…it seems like Schedulefly is picking up more steam everyday…

In some ways the cost savings for Schedulefly are incalculable in the sense that we seldom have issues with call offs or people being unable to cover their shifts. This creates a more consistent experience for our customers and maintains the sense of “team” at the shops.

However in solid numbers we easily have increased our labor efficiency (lowered our labor costs) by atleast 3 – 5% at each of our locations. Our managers have significantly more time to run the restaurants and train our staff versus spending hours on scheduling.

Before Schedulefly the average length of time one of our managers spent writing a schedule was about 4-5 hours, now the manager typically spends less than 1 hour to create our schedule. Our managers spend less time managing staffing crises and working to gather staff for mundane communications, Schedulefly facilitates all of this for us.

I always have great things to say about you guys so feel free pass along my information if they need to talk to me.

Take care,

Thanks BJ! We look forward to this article coming out soon…

The Schedulefly Team