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Month: June 2009

Already logged into Facebook? Come on in…we already know who your are.

We’ve added the über convenient Facebook Connect button to Schedulefly’s login page. If your already logged into Facebook when you hit – click it and we will usher you right on in…

If for some weird reason you’ve arrived at Schedulefly’s login page and are not logged into Facebook yet (these days, who does that?), clicking the connect button will allow you to login to Facebook and Schedulefly at the same time – with your Facebook userid and password.

The Schedulefly Team

Restaurant Employee Scheduling is an Art, Not a Science…

We had planned a blog about the subtleties and intricacies involved with restaurant employee scheduling. Then we noticed this neat post on one of our customer’s Schedulefly Message Wall. There are many ways to skin a cat, here’s one…although this is probably pretty common in the restaurant industry.


“I want to thank all of you for coming to work to serve our customers with dedicated focus. That is why we are all here. I also want to explain how scheduling works a little more. If you are new remember – remember that we do have more alot of employees and everyone wants the perfect job in a perfect world. Unfortunately this is not reality. While we are very flexible in working with people’s schedules – this doesn’t mean that you will get exactly what you want.

There are several things that go into putting a schedule together. Seniority is something that is considered. As you become the not so new kid on the block you will appreciate that we do this. Also the more things you can do in the store the more options I have in plugging you into the schedule. We will only let you move on to other positions as we see that you are ready for them and you are good at the position you currently work.

Another thing that is factored in…is how you work. The best people will get more hours. This means how you work or don’t work factors in to how many hours you will be scheduled. ATTITUDE and how hard you work all is considered. If I have the options of 10 Builders for a shift…I will put in the one who is the better worker with the best attitude. Availability is also a factor. Another thought…fewer people work in the day and those people usually are the ones who can do multiple positions. This is why employee’s who have been at Sheridan’s longer usually gets more day shifts.

The more available you are the more chances you have of being scheduled. Also if you have requested a certain number of hours and I put you on shifts only to see that you are giving them up often then I wonder how committed you are to the job. This feature is nice to have but should not be abused.”


Clearly a lot of thought and strategy goes into creating a schedule every
week. At Schedulefly, we’re just trying to make the execution of creating the schedule – and managing all of the inevitable changes that come along after a schedule has been posted – a little easier, a little faster, and a little bit more fun for all involved.

The Schedulefly Team

We’re Letting Our Customers Speak for Us…

We are lucky to have so many awesome customers at Schedulefly. They all
appreciate the value of easy, web-based restaurant employee scheduling &
communication. They like simplicity, ease of use, intuitiveness, and fun.
They don’t leave us unless they close their doors – we renew 99% of our
customers every month.

We realized that we can tell people how much value Schedulefly can add to
their business ’till we are blue in the face, but, we admit – we’re biased.
So we decided to let our customers speak for us. We bought this neat little
Flip video camera, and we started sending it to customers. We give them no
scripts, no lines, no quotes – nothing. We simply ask them to tell the
camera why they like Schedulefly, and say whatever is on their mind.

So far, the camera has been to two customers. It is in the hands of another
now, and two more are waiting. Here are some of the clips we’ve received
already. We can’t thank our customers enough for taking time out of their
busy days to do this for us!

And one more…Dave Downs – a super cool guy (GM at a restaurant in Denver) who spent an entire day with us at the Chicago NRA show – because he wanted to! He spoke to people with us – told them how much he is enjoying being a Schedulefly customer and why. It was cool to watch – dang good salesman that Dave. Thanks Dave!

The Schedulefly Team

Yep, We Are Making It This Easy to See Coverage…

All of us at Schedulefly are obsessed with making restaurant employee
scheduling & communication easy, simple, intuitive, and even FUN! That
obsession leads us to launch enhancements like our new bar graph schedule
snapshot. Want to know how many people are on at 10pm? And who they are? One click – done.

You’ll see in these screen shots that Kandy Fletcher, our awesome customer from Sheridan’s Lattes & Frozen Custard in Lubbock TX, can quickly see that she has 7 people on at 10pm. If she wants to know who they are, she just clicks the total and – voila – her list appears!

Not only is this fun, simple graph a great time saver and an easy way to quickly see coverage at any time of day, it can also be used to help Schedulefly’s customers cut labor costs. As an example, we got this neat note from Kiersten Traina of Liberty Market in Gilbert, AZ today. She wasn’t at work – but she could still check Schedulefly with her laptop and internet access:

“I’m actually sitting at a coffee shop trying to figure out how to cut labor, and the graph is helping me in relation to my sales data, so I can make sure I don’t have people on at dead times!!!”

So now that the graph is launched, we are off to work on more fun, cool,
highly valuable stuff that will make our customers’ lives easier.

The Schedulefly Team

QSR Has Some Thoughts on Web-based Restaurant Employee Scheduling…

QSR published a nice article today titled,
Streamlined Schedules: New technologies can take the pain out of scheduling your employees’ shifts.

The article mentions many of the benefits to owners, managers, and employees – and also provides a nice list of some of the leading providers. If you are an independent or small chain, we believe passionately that Schedulefly is the easiest, simplest, most intuitive, and FUNNEST solution available. And our customers that have kicked the tires of several providers all agree!

The cool thing is, you can try most of the apps for free, and determine which works best for you and your team. The online employee scheduling trend is picking up steam – quickly!

The Schedulefly Team
Tyler, Wil and Wes

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