We’re Letting Our Customers Speak for Us…

We are lucky to have so many awesome customers at Schedulefly. They all
appreciate the value of easy, web-based restaurant employee scheduling &
communication. They like simplicity, ease of use, intuitiveness, and fun.
They don’t leave us unless they close their doors – we renew 99% of our
customers every month.

We realized that we can tell people how much value Schedulefly can add to
their business ’till we are blue in the face, but, we admit – we’re biased.
So we decided to let our customers speak for us. We bought this neat little
Flip video camera, and we started sending it to customers. We give them no
scripts, no lines, no quotes – nothing. We simply ask them to tell the
camera why they like Schedulefly, and say whatever is on their mind.

So far, the camera has been to two customers. It is in the hands of another
now, and two more are waiting. Here are some of the clips we’ve received
already. We can’t thank our customers enough for taking time out of their
busy days to do this for us!






And one more…Dave Downs – a super cool guy (GM at a restaurant in Denver) who spent an entire day with us at the Chicago NRA show – because he wanted to! He spoke to people with us – told them how much he is enjoying being a Schedulefly customer and why. It was cool to watch – dang good salesman that Dave. Thanks Dave!


The Schedulefly Team