Schedulefly is Easy Like Sunday Morning

We've got a cool customer in Carmel Indiana whose speciality is burgers and ice cream. Now that they have Schedulefly, they can focus more of their time on their speciality and on their customers. The owner, Matt Frey, uses Schedulefly to schedule and communicate with his team. Listen to Matt and some of his restaurant... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Groups Love Schedulefly, and We Love Serving Them!

Restaurant employee scheduling and communication has never been easy, simple, and fun at restaurant groups like Desert Island Restaurants, Captiva Restaurant Group, or Ciccio and Tony's Restaurant Group. Until now. You see, these groups all recently decided to start using Schedulefly. Each for slightly different reasons:"Schedulefly is focused on serving groups like ours, and it... Continue Reading →

How Do You Share Good News with Your Team Right Away?

Our customers use their Schedulefly online Message Wall to share good news and comments from customers with the entire team - creating excitement, motivation, camaraderie, and connectedness. Employees can comment on the messages, and share thoughts and ideas. A fun, high impact aspect is the ability to broadcast messages to employees’ email in-boxes. For instance,... Continue Reading →

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