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Month: July 2009

Schedulefly is Easy Like Sunday Morning

We’ve got a cool customer in Carmel Indiana whose speciality is burgers and ice cream. Now that they have Schedulefly, they can focus more of their time on their speciality and on their customers. The owner, Matt Frey, uses Schedulefly to schedule and communicate with his team. Listen to Matt and some of his restaurant staff talk about Schedulefly and how we are making their lives easier…

Schedulefly Photo Wall – Upload and Share Photos With Your Team

When I think back to my college days – my fondest memories (outside of fishing instead of going to class) – are memories of working at The Bridge Tender Restaurant on Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. We had a really good team that worked well together – and took great care of the people who dined there. Working there was a blast!

Like many restaurants with a really good team – the staff and management at The Bridge Tender were very social and very much like family. We worked together and we hung out together. This created trust and close friendships amongst team members – which in turn – created a well oiled machine when the restaurant was hopping!

There are many simple, social features in Schedulefly that I wish we would have had back then. One in particular that would have been fun and valuable to have is our new photo wall. The photo wall is a feature that everyone can use to share photos with the team. As you can see below, photos that are uploaded are shared in the message wall on the home page where they can be viewed and commented on by all staff. In fact – photos, videos and company documents can all be shared via the Message Wall.

It would have been so cool back then for staff to be able to use the web to check their schedule, check their close friend’s schedules, submit time off requests, trade shifts, download important documents and comment on photos from the crazy holiday party!! It’s amazing to think that the great team I was a part of back then could have been even better – but it could.

Photo shared on Message Wall

Video shared on Message Wall

Photo Wall

Schedulefly is helping restaurants ease the pain of employee scheduling – and at the same time it is creating a secure place for all staff to communicate, learn and share.

Wes from the Schedulefly Team

Restaurant Groups Love Schedulefly, and We Love Serving Them!

Restaurant employee scheduling and communication has never been easy, simple, and fun at restaurant groups like Desert Island Restaurants, Captiva Restaurant Group, or Ciccio and Tony’s Restaurant Group. Until now.

You see, these groups all recently decided to start using Schedulefly. Each for slightly different reasons:

“Schedulefly is focused on serving groups like ours, and it shows in both their easy, intuitive, yet robust product, as well as their flexible, easy-to-do-business-with approach.”
Jeff Blair, Vice President of Operations, Desert Island Restaurants

“We deployed Schedulefly quickly, without needing any training. It’s making our managers lives much easier, and our employees absolutely love it!”
Jeff Gigante, Owner, Ciccio Restaurant Group

“Our employees adjusted to Schedulefly very quickly. They like how Schedulefly looks and feels like Facebook and the other social networking tools they use often. The Message Wall is a hit, and is fostering teamwork and camaraderie.”
John Perkinson, Human Resources Director, Captiva Restaurant Group

We built Schedulefly for indies and groups. We wanted to make their lives easier, and we’d be happy to do the same for you.

The Schedulefly Team
led by Wil, Tyler and Wes

How Do You Share Good News with Your Team Right Away?

Our customers use their Schedulefly online Message Wall to share good news and comments from customers with the entire team – creating excitement, motivation, camaraderie, and connectedness. Employees can comment on the messages, and share thoughts and ideas. A fun, high impact aspect is the ability to broadcast messages to employees’ email in-boxes. For instance, the owner of a restaurant recently posted the below message on her wall – all employees also received it in their email inboxes! Of course they can also read and post to their wall from mobile devices like iPhones and Blackberries.

Staff…I wanted to pass on this email I received. Congratulations! You did a GREAT job!!!

“I wanted to take a moment to simply say ‘Thank You’ to the Staff at Liberty Market for their wonderful service and hospitality. My husband, son, and I visited the restaurant last night for the very first time for dinner and we could not have desired a better experience. From the moment we walked in the front door we could feel that Liberty Market was a special place. The food, service, and atmosphere were all exceptional. We were especially impressed with the young gentleman who walked us out to our car and conversed with our family as we left the restaurant. Our dining experience held true to Liberty Market’s stated principles exemplifying craftsmanship, professionalism, hospitality, and that of being servants. While last night was our first visit to Liberty Market it will certainly not be our last. Thank you again.


Jennifer and Family”

Screen grab of their wall…

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The Schedulefly Team

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