Schedulefly Photo Wall – Upload and Share Photos With Your Team

When I think back to my college days – my fondest memories (outside of fishing instead of going to class) – are memories of working at The Bridge Tender Restaurant on Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. We had a really good team that worked well together – and took great care of the people who dined there. Working there was a blast!

Like many restaurants with a really good team – the staff and management at The Bridge Tender were very social and very much like family. We worked together and we hung out together. This created trust and close friendships amongst team members – which in turn – created a well oiled machine when the restaurant was hopping!

There are many simple, social features in Schedulefly that I wish we would have had back then. One in particular that would have been fun and valuable to have is our new photo wall. The photo wall is a feature that everyone can use to share photos with the team. As you can see below, photos that are uploaded are shared in the message wall on the home page where they can be viewed and commented on by all staff. In fact – photos, videos and company documents can all be shared via the Message Wall.

It would have been so cool back then for staff to be able to use the web to check their schedule, check their close friend’s schedules, submit time off requests, trade shifts, download important documents and comment on photos from the crazy holiday party!! It’s amazing to think that the great team I was a part of back then could have been even better – but it could.

Photo shared on Message Wall

Video shared on Message Wall

Photo Wall

Schedulefly is helping restaurants ease the pain of employee scheduling – and at the same time it is creating a secure place for all staff to communicate, learn and share.

Wes from the Schedulefly Team