Restaurant Groups Using Schedulefly, Your Lives Just Got Easier!

Every day, all of us at Schedulefly wake up thinking about how we can make our customers’ lives easier. That’s our passion and our mission. It’s all that really matters to us.

On that note, today we launched a simple, easy, intuitive enhancement to our multi-unit dashboard. With a click of a button, a restaurant group owner can see his daily or weekly scheduled labor costs, and scheduled labor as a % of daily or weekly sales forecasts, at each location. The info is live, available 24/7 from anywhere with internet access, and accessible within seconds!

Here is dashboard screen shot – showing the SF Restaurant Group’s 3 locations, any actionable items a manager might need to address and a pop-up box showing scheduled labor costs and labor as a percent of the sales forecast.

Here is the daily and weekly labor overview pop-up available to a scheduling manager while creating or editing a schedule.

Give online employee scheduling at Schedulefly a free try today!

The Schedulefly Team