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Month: September 2009

Making Lives Easier in Raleigh NC

We had a team meeting yesterday over lunch at The Raleigh Times Restaurant in Raleigh NC. They are a customer – so it was fun to spend some time with management and staff – to hear how things are going with Schedulefly. A couple of scheduling managers sat with us for a bit and gave us some ideas for making their lives even easier – simple ideas that make sense for all of our restaurant customers.

A number of bar and wait staff also stopped by to say hello and to tell us how easy we’ve made it for them to check their schedules, trade shifts and communicate online. It was cool. Two of them – Casey and Kelly – agreed to speak on camera. These are their words. We just held up our camera and said go…

Casey – Scheduling Manager

Kelly – Server

BTW – the greek salad was awesome.

The Schedulefly Team

Making Lives Easier in Gilbert Arizona

Our “Schedulefly Makes My Life Easier” video campaign made a stop last week in Gilbert Arizona. We captured some great footage of owners, managers and staff at Joe’s Real BBQ and Liberty Market. We do not send a script with the camera – just the camera in a box. We simply ask them to tell other restaurateurs why they like Schedulefly…and how it helps their business and them. Check it out….

Check out our Schedulefly Channel on Vimeo for more customer clips…

The Schedulefly Team

You’ve got to be kidding, that ball was on the line!!!!

While the tennis players argue calls and try to serve up aces at the 2009 U.S. Open, Schedulefly is helping the food and beverage team serve up excellent dining experiences for VIP guests. We’re excited to help make things run a little smoother at the President’s Suite at Arthur Ashe Stadium, which overlooks the Stadium Court.

Read more here…

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