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Month: October 2009

Restaurant Groups and Chains Don’t Need To Buy or Build Intranets – They Can Just Use Schedulefly

Many restaurant groups and chains are looking into Intranet options – they want portals to enable easy internal communication and access to important documents and information. They should look no further – Schedulefly is the leader in providing easy, simple, and powerful restaurant communications.

You see, Schedulefly isn’t just a restaurant employee scheduling application. It is a powerful tool that enables restaurants to make both scheduling and communication easy and simple. For example, our multi-unit dashboard enables owners to blast a text message to all employees at all locations – with a single click.

It also enables owners, HR managers, Operations managers, etc. to post important documents to all locations’ Schedulefly pages (see screen shot below) – and see real time which employees have read those documents! Want to post a new menu and text all employees with a note to view it ASAP – you can do it with one click! Oh, and by the way, if you’d like to see today’s scheduled labor costs as a % of today’s sales forecast at each location, you can do that to – once again, with a single click.

Here is a screen shot of our multi-unit dashboard – where your can post an important company message to all staff at all locations with one click.

Or upload an HR document to all locations with one click. A link to this new document will be added to each account’s message wall too!

Hop into a particular location to see who has downloaded a company document.

Share photos and comments with staff on the company message wall – like this photo of a packed house on Friday night!

Want to improve your communications – and make employee scheduling easy and fun while you are at it? Sign up for a free 30-day trial today!

Schedulefly Team

What Would I Do Without Schedulefly?

We love hearing customers tell us that they don’t know what they would do without Schedulefly. They’ve ditched the paper and the pencil, or trashed their Excel scheduling worksheet, and moved their restaurant employee scheduling online. And now they don’t now how they could ever go back. Kind of the same as how people who watch DVDs think about their old VHS cassettes! But the really neat part about Schedulefly is that it’s not just the owners and managers who tell us that. The employees say the same! For example, we just got this email today:

“I have been an employee of the Dolce Group and absolutely love Schedulefly. But I have just started a new job with a large hotel corporation and want them to start using it. I am sending your website to the GM, but was wondering if you have any advice on how I can convince them to switch to using you. It is fine dining and very corporate.”

When she starts her new job, she doesn’t want to give up being able to have her work schedule sent to her as a text message. She doesn’t want to go back to having to make 20 calls when she needs to find somebody to pick up one of her shifts. She doesn’t want to go back to having to come in for a meeting because her manager isn’t able to blast an email and text to all employees, to let them know an important announcement. And she doesn’t want to have to go back writing all of her time off requests on the backs of tickets and receipts.

She wants to use Schedulefly – an easy, simple, intuitive – and FUN – tool that makers her life easier.

Restaurant Employees Have Fun with Schedulefly

Schedulefly’s customers like to have fun. They don’t just use Schedulefly to help managers and employees save time dealing with work schedules. They use Schedulefly to build teamwork and camaraderie, and easily communicate in a simple, fun way. Managers and employees each have profile pictures to get to know each other. They can add each other as “Favorites” to easily see when their friends are working. They can even upload photos to the Message Wall.

Today’s web-savvy, mobile workforce is accustomed to using fun, cool, easy tools to manage their lives outside of work, and stay connected with their friends. Schedulefly enables restaurant employees do the same as they manage their work lives. They stay connected, have fun, and enjoy their jobs even more!

Give Online Employee Scheduling and Communication at Schedulefly a free try today.

Drive Restaurant SEO with Schedulefly

Like our Home page says, Schedulefly isn’t just restaurant employee scheduling. It’s a powerful restaurant employee scheduling & communication tool. And, yes, it can even help you drive better SEO results.

Jeff Gigante, owner of Ciccio Restaurant Group, uses this strategy with Schedulefly – creating “brand evangelists” out of his 350 employees. His staff are frequently discussing daily specials, menu changes and topics of interest to customers who dine with them – inside Schedulefly. Sharing these conversations with their Twitter followers drives more business and better SEO results at the same time!

Any Schedulefly user can link their Twitter account to their Schedulefly profile. When you write a message on your Schedulefly Message Wall that is also relevant to your customers (your followers), you have the option to Tweet the message as well. Twitter posts serve as micro blogs, which can help you drive better SEO results and start conversations with your customers. Owners, managers, and employees can post and share an update such as “(Your restaurant name) has karaoke night tonight. Come on in for singing and ½ price entrees!”

It is this easy…

When posting something relevant to staff and customers, simply check “Post to Twitter” checkbox…

Twitter Followers See…

The more of your team members who tweet customer relevant messages like this while in Schedulefly, the better SEO for you! Hopefully it will drive more business from local followers of your staff as well. Just one more way we are making our customers lives easier, and helping them build fun and successful restaurants.

Oh also – here is a Mashable post on some SEO tips for your Twitter…

The Schedulefly Team

Schedulefly Helps Create Sales Growth?

Yep, that’s what our customer said. We asked for a testimonial, and here’s what we got from Jamie Guiliano, Owner, Aroma Thyme Bistro:

“At just about $1 per day, Schedulefly is one of the easiest decisions I have made for my restaurant. Schedulefly makes creating and managing staff schedules easy, it makes communicating with staff easy, and it frees me up to focus on driving sales growth!”

Because of Schedulefly, Jamie and the managers at Aroma Thyme Bistro earned all of the time it took every week to both create and manage the employee schedule, as well as the time and distractions that accompany important communications with their team. They now use all of those additional hours of time to focus on attracting and retaining customers. Not to mention, their employees’ lives are easier because they get their schedules on the fly on their cell phones, input their time off requests online, and trade shifts with the click of a button. And of course happier employees are more engaged and focused on creating excellent guest experiences!

The Schedulefly Team

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