Restaurant Groups and Chains Don’t Need To Buy or Build Intranets – They Can Just Use Schedulefly

Many restaurant groups and chains are looking into Intranet options - they want portals to enable easy internal communication and access to important documents and information. They should look no further - Schedulefly is the leader in providing easy, simple, and powerful restaurant communications. You see, Schedulefly isn't just a restaurant employee scheduling application. It... Continue Reading →

What Would I Do Without Schedulefly?

We love hearing customers tell us that they don't know what they would do without Schedulefly. They've ditched the paper and the pencil, or trashed their Excel scheduling worksheet, and moved their restaurant employee scheduling online. And now they don't now how they could ever go back. Kind of the same as how people who... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Employees Have Fun with Schedulefly

Schedulefly's customers like to have fun. They don't just use Schedulefly to help managers and employees save time dealing with work schedules. They use Schedulefly to build teamwork and camaraderie, and easily communicate in a simple, fun way. Managers and employees each have profile pictures to get to know each other. They can add each... Continue Reading →

Drive Restaurant SEO with Schedulefly

Like our Home page says, Schedulefly isn't just restaurant employee scheduling. It's a powerful restaurant employee scheduling & communication tool. And, yes, it can even help you drive better SEO results.Jeff Gigante, owner of Ciccio Restaurant Group, uses this strategy with Schedulefly - creating "brand evangelists" out of his 350 employees. His staff are frequently... Continue Reading →

Schedulefly Helps Create Sales Growth?

Yep, that's what our customer said. We asked for a testimonial, and here's what we got from Jamie Guiliano, Owner, Aroma Thyme Bistro:"At just about $1 per day, Schedulefly is one of the easiest decisions I have made for my restaurant. Schedulefly makes creating and managing staff schedules easy, it makes communicating with staff easy,... Continue Reading →

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