What Would I Do Without Schedulefly?

We love hearing customers tell us that they don’t know what they would do without Schedulefly. They’ve ditched the paper and the pencil, or trashed their Excel scheduling worksheet, and moved their restaurant employee scheduling online. And now they don’t now how they could ever go back. Kind of the same as how people who watch DVDs think about their old VHS cassettes! But the really neat part about Schedulefly is that it’s not just the owners and managers who tell us that. The employees say the same! For example, we just got this email today:

“I have been an employee of the Dolce Group and absolutely love Schedulefly. But I have just started a new job with a large hotel corporation and want them to start using it. I am sending your website to the GM, but was wondering if you have any advice on how I can convince them to switch to using you. It is fine dining and very corporate.”

When she starts her new job, she doesn’t want to give up being able to have her work schedule sent to her as a text message. She doesn’t want to go back to having to make 20 calls when she needs to find somebody to pick up one of her shifts. She doesn’t want to go back to having to come in for a meeting because her manager isn’t able to blast an email and text to all employees, to let them know an important announcement. And she doesn’t want to have to go back writing all of her time off requests on the backs of tickets and receipts.

She wants to use Schedulefly – an easy, simple, intuitive – and FUN – tool that makers her life easier.