Tell Your Employees, Facebook Fans, and Twitter Followers About Specials & Discounts with Schedulefly

We realized recently that when our restaurant customers need to tell their employees about specials and discounts, they broadcast messages on their Schedulefly Message Walls. Employees can log in and see the messages, and they can also receive them as texts and emails. Easy enough – and simple and fun at the same time.

But we got to thinking, and realized we should let our customers tell their Facebook fans and Twitter followers about those specials and discounts at the same time they are telling their employees. And, poof, it was done.

That’s right – our customers post specials and discounts to their Facebook and Twitter pages while they are logged into Schedulefly. Even better, their employees become brand evangelists, and post those same specials to their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, which exponentially increases the audience our customers are connecting with.

And like everything we do at Schedulefly, we made the process simple, easy, intuitive – and FUN!

Come on and give it a try. We would love to have you join our growing family.

The Schedulefly team