Three Guys And A Service

We recently updated Schedulefly's "About Us" page so potential customers and partners could learn more about us, our philosophy and who we are here to serve. The page was getting wordy so I thought I'd cut some out and share it here in this post. Our PhilosophyLots of web businesses don't tell you who their... Continue Reading →

Quick Easy Above-Store Visibility & Communication

We tried to make our multi-unit dashboard both simple and powerful. Easily check scheduled labor costs for any location. Blast emails and texts to all employees. And post important documents. All with - you guessed it - Check it out.... Keepin' It Simple & Fun, Wil @ Schedulefly

Altruism + Schedulefly = Haitian Relief

I love this story. Empire Eats, a fantastic restaurant group in Raleigh, N.C. that runs some of the best and most popular restaurants in town, decided to donate profits from all locations this Tuesday to the Red Cross. Check out this quick clip on how they spread the word internally and externally with Schedulefly. your... Continue Reading →

Tired of Wasting Paper?

Our customers don't need to print paper schedules – employees can check their work schedules on, or while logged into Facebook, or on iGoogle or from their mobile device. Or they can just have their schedules emailed or text messaged right to them. So it's nice that so many restaurants can save a couple... Continue Reading →

More Software Is Not Always The Answer

Here's a recent post on a customer's Schedulefly Message Wall, which all of the customer's employees see when they log in : "It has been noticed lately that many employees are making a habit of clocking in before their scheduled time. Please clock in no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled shift unless approved... Continue Reading →

A Cool Restaurant Foursquare Story

So I was picking up lunch last week at one of my family's favorite lunch spots in Wilmington - a small local family owned place with fantastic food and really good service. While I was waiting at the hostess stand for our soup and sandwiches - I fired up Foursquare on my iPhone to see... Continue Reading →

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