Ditch Happens

A customer called today and said she was so thankful to have Schedulefly, because it saves her from stopping what she is doing multiple times per day. You see, she no longer has to pick up the phone to have an employee tell her she needs somebody to pick up her shift because she got her car stuck in a ditch.

I copied her Schedulefly site activity report below. In one day alone last week, Heather approved six shift trade requests. It took her six clicks of a button on her laptop or perhaps from her Blackberry or iPhone (or any web-enabled device). No phone calls. And of course she did not have to field any calls from employees wanting to know when they are working either. That’s because her employees can see when they are working on Schedulefly’s web site. Or on Facebook. Or iGoogle. Or in their email inbox. Or as a text message on their cell phones.

Schedulefly eliminates the phone calls because, well, ditch happens!

Wil @ Schedulefly