Keepin’ It Simple

This bike is so simple. It has what a lot of people need. It is also missing a lot of things that other people need and that is clearly by design. It was built for a niche audience – and that audience appreciates its simplicity and ease of use.

At Schedulefly we also believe in the value – and beauty – of simplicity. Like most people, we are busy and juggling work and life and we just get worn out with anything that we have to think about or learn to use. We live for simplicity. Our product is simple. Our business model is simple. And every time we make a decision we focus on how to keep things …. you guessed it: simple.

Our customers love Schedulefly mainly because its simple. Simple to deploy. Simple to use. Simple to get a new employee started. And so on.

We love seeing other complex, daunting apps out there because the folks that want complexity and lots of bells and whistles and levers and layers and rules and buttons (I get worn out just thinking about that) need options.

For our part, we plan to keep things simple and be the option to folks who love simplicity.

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on Easy, Intuitive, and Fun.

Wil at Schedulefly