Three Guys And A Service

We recently updated Schedulefly’s “About Us” page so potential customers and partners could learn more about us, our philosophy and who we are here to serve. The page was getting wordy so I thought I’d cut some out and share it here in this post.

Our Philosophy
Lots of web businesses don’t tell you who their people are. Or they attempt to seem bigger than they are. We, on the other hand, like transparency and we are proud to be small. We don’t just say we like to keep it simple, we actually live and breath it. The business model that we have created allows us to keep our team lean and our overhead low. The less people and the less processes and the less stuff to decide on and manage – the better.

Who We Are
We’re currently three guys in three different cities in N.C. (Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte). We mostly work out of our houses and coffee shops. Our web and database servers live in an impressive data center in Raleigh NC. We have some occasional contract help, but we don’t believe we’ll ever have – or need – more than a handful of people around here. That’s because we believe in the value – and beauty – of simplicity. We have a simple web-based service with a familiar interface – not too many screens and buttons and settings. We have only added the stuff that really matters – thoughtful features you’ll actually use. In fact, you’ll probably even have some fun! And because we keep things intuitive, simple, and easy we don’t need many people to help take care of our customers. We don’t have investors, so nobody is breathing down our necks to grow faster. Instead we grow one restaurant at a time, and we take great care of them, and they almost all renew every month.

Who Uses Our Product
We created Schedulefly for restaurants, and we keep a laser focus on helping restaurants. We mostly serve indies, groups, small chains, and franchisees. More importantly, we serve people who like to keep things simple – and fun! They don’t want a lot of bells and whistles and layers and rules and regulations and buttons and settings. Our customers love Schedulefly mainly because its simple. Simple to deploy. Simple to use. Simple to get a new employee started. And fun for all involved. Our customers use words like “Love” and “Fun” – see for yourself.

Wil, Tyler and Wes
The Schedulefly Team