Tired of Wasting Paper?

Our customers don’t need to print paper schedules – employees can check their work schedules on http://www.schedulefly.com, or while logged into Facebook, or on iGoogle or from their mobile device. Or they can just have their schedules emailed or text messaged right to them. So it’s nice that so many restaurants can save a couple of pieces of paper every week by not posting a printed schedule.

But what’s very cool is how they can literally save reams of paper, by storing all of their important documents on Schedulefly. Menu changes, training documents, HR documents, specials, prep lists, weekly specials, etc. The list goes on. Any document they would typically print and hand out to all employees can be stored on Schedulefly. Even better, you can view a list of employees that have downloaded the documents. Below is a snapshot of O’Leary’s Schedulefly Documents tab (O’Leary’s is a cool, fun Irish joint in St. Louis, MO: http://www.olearysrestaurant.com/). They have 39 documents posted on Schedulefly – and they never have to make copies for all of their 45 employees!

Keepin’ It Simple & Fun

Wil @ Schedulefly