The Faces of Schedulefly…

One thing we've learned is that people care a lot more about what our users say about Schedulefly than what we say about it. In fact, we're very focused on letting our users do as much talking as possible for us - they are the true "Faces of Schedulefly." After all, who cares what we... Continue Reading →

Got Coverage?

About a year ago, a lot of our quick service and fast casual restaurant customers were asking for a bar graph view of their staff schedules. They wanted an easy way to see of they had any gaps in coverage. We thought a simple graph view would be useful to most or all of our... Continue Reading →

Schedulefly’s Interview On

Wes Aiken, Schedulefly's founder, was recently interviewed by the guys at - a new service that lets you search for restaurant deals in your city. They also have a great blog where they discuss restaurant trends, social media, and how technology is helping the industry.The interview covers the story of Schedulefly, why it was... Continue Reading →

We Feel We Can Do It In House

Recently a restaurant group checked out Schedulefly. On paper, they could not have been a better fit: 20 locations, nice casual, full service, generally young staff. But after some internal meetings, they told me: "We have a very talented IT department and we feel we can build something just like this in house."There are tons... Continue Reading →

Dial Into Schedulefly On the Fly

Need to blast a critical message to all staff's cell phones but your not at the computer? Need to approve a schedule change that you were just alerted to - but your running errands? No sweat. It is terribly simple to do on our mobile site.Just point your favorite mobile device at and do... Continue Reading →

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