Dial Into Schedulefly On the Fly

Need to blast a critical message to all staff’s cell phones but your not at the computer? Need to approve a schedule change that you were just alerted to – but your running errands? No sweat. It is terribly simple to do on our mobile site.

Just point your favorite mobile device at http://m.schedulefly.com and do any of the following…quickly.

– View Today’s Crib Sheet (who is at work, daily notes and events)
– View Your Schedule, Offer up Shifts and Pickup Shifts
– Approve or Decline Shift Trade Requests
– Check and Post to Your Message Wall
– Read and Reply to Inbox Messages
– View Employee Directory and Contact Information
– Check Labor Costs against Sales Forecasts

Also – if you have more than one location and use the Schedulefly Dashboard – the mobile site will show you your locations and let you choose the one you’d like to visit. You can hop back and forth between locations too.