"Schedulefly has taken scheduling & communicating with our staff to another level…"

This is a cool testimonial from Scott Young at The Palm – Tribeca in NYC:

“Schedulefly has taken scheduling & communicating with our staff to another level. Rather than using an Excel spreadsheet and “saving as” I can copy the previous week’s schedule and rotate my stations in a matter of minutes. I also find it very easy to look at a schedule and see who is available to work an extra shift or who not to schedule. Controlling labor costs with Schedulefly is easier than any other program out there. Schedulefly also has allowed us to communicate important training documents, pictures of new menu items and wines to our staff. Trading shifts amongst restaurant employees has always been a tricky thing. Did both employees sign off on it? Did a manager sign off on it? With Schedulefly it’s all done online and in real time.”

Also, check out all of the documents that Scott and his team conveniently have available to view from anywhere, any time, online. There are actually more than 30 documents, so one screen shot only shows about 1/3 of their list! None of these documents ever has to be printed and provided to all employees. No waste. No mess. No staff meeting just to hand out a bunch of paper. Each document takes just one click to upload and to alert all employees to view it.