The Hooters Team in Miami Loves Schedulefly!

The Hooters in Doral Florida is ranked the #1 Hooters in the world. There are 90 very busy girls there and a management team that has to stay on the ball to keep work schedules fine-tuned and communication flowing. The staff enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of our web based software – they’ve even said we make it fun. They enjoy the convenience of checking their schedules and communicating with the other girls from anywhere. The girls at this particular Hooters are also some of our most active mobile users as well – trading shifts, posting wall messages and checking their schedules on the go – from their mobile devices. The GM there, Steve, has this to say about how our simple software is helping his business.

“Schedulefly is easy for me and fun for our girls. It saves me several hours of scheduling time per week. In addition, the girls love being able to receive their schedules via text message or their Facebook pages, as well as being able to trade shifts and request time off online or on the fly on their iPhones and Blackberries. And we have completely eliminated scheduling mis-reads. I highly recommend Schedulefly.”

While making life for Steve and his management team easier, we’ve also managed to make it fun for all the girls. Check out what they had to say about Schedulefly…

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The Schedulefly Team