Schedulefly Free Trial – Get Started On The Right Foot By Showing It To Your Staff

If you want your free Schedulefly trial to be a success – let your staff know about it right away. Tell them your checking it out, let them know their own individual logins are coming and they should check it out too. Upload your photo and quickly post a welcome message for everyone on your message wall so they see it on their first visit. Encourage everyone to kick the tires too – and give you feedback. Tell them about our mobile app that lets them pick-up and give-up shifts. Send them a test schedule to their cell phones as a text message and watch their reaction! Get them excited about this really cool change your making for the restaurant.

Schedulefly is not a tool for managers only. It is not a tool for owners only. It is a tool for the entire staff. We’ve made it easy to use and adopt for a reason. We want your entire staff to “get it” and love it – right away. No training required. Get them involved in the fun early on and I bet it takes on a life of its own…

Keepin’ It Simple and Fun,

Wes @ Schedulefly