An Unexpected Presidential Visit

This is really cool. One of our customers sent us a note this morning [see below]. The President, the First Lady and some friends made an unexpected visit for dinner this past weekend at their restaurant – the Corner Kitchen in Asheville NC. Apparently a call was made by someone saying they wanted to reserve a table for a special dinner and a marriage proposal…and then about 20 minutes before they arrived to eat – word spread it was the President. Pretty sneaky. The President had the Macadamia Encrusted Mahi-Mahi and the First Lady had the Lobster Tacos. Imagine the pressure of making those tasty dishes with the secret service standing over your shoulder. Oh also – apparently an anonymous team of people came in a week earlier to check things out and sample the dishes – and gave it the thumbs up to Team Obama. How do you get that job?

Nice work Corner Kitchen Team and thank you for the nice note…


Hi Wes and Crew,

I just wanted you to know that we had a surprise dinner guest this weekend when President Obama, First Lady Michelle, and four of their friends came to eat at the Corner Kitchen in Asheville, NC!

We are a small independent, with probably about 30 front of house staff. Still, things can get complicated in trying to balance everyone’s scheduling needs and make the entire operation (seem) smooth and flawless.

Thank you for providing the kind of service that allows us to be the kind of restaurant that works well enough to pull that one off!! And we did…beautifully!!


Here is a video clip from Asheville’s local news station