Schedulefly Podcast #4 – "With Schedulefly We Don’t Mess Up Our Employees’ Schedules"

It’s so refreshing to listen to Kiersten Traina, co-owner of the highly successful Liberty Market (50 employees) in Gilbert, AZ. She oozes passion. And I love how Kiersten and her co-owner husband, David, are heavily employee-focused. One of the first things she talks about is how Schedulefly enables her to not mess up her young employees’ schedules.

Schedulefly helps her make sure she doesn’t schedule them when they have class or other recurring commitments – because she doesn’t want to frustrate them! She goes on to talk about how Schedulefly helps her: empower employees to be responsible young adults; build a cohesive staff unit; get information to people quickly; and recoup her investment easily by making her employees happy. Want to know why people love Schedulefly? You gotta listen to this….

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