Schedulefly Podcast #5 – "If You Can Use Excel or Facebook or Email, You Can Use Schedulefly"

If you are ever worn out from a fun day of navigating the whitewaters of the Arkansas River in Colorado, stop on in at Eddyline Restaurant & Brewery in Buena Vista Colorado. Its a friendly place to quench your thirst and hunger, and reflect on where you’ve been, and where you’re going next.

Listen to manager Brian England talk about how simple it was to switch his restaurant staff scheduling to Schedulefly, how quickly veteran managers with minimal computer acumen were able to get up to speed, and how he immediately won over any skeptics by showing them how easy Schedulefly is to use.

Click play. Bryan is a bit hard hear for 10 seconds or so – but once I reconfigured our fancy podcast recording equipment…it got much better.

Keepin’ It Simple And Fun –

The Schedulefly Guys