Take Jack Bauer Days

I love the show “24” and the main character, Jack Bauer. Jack is a bad ass government agent who helps stop terrorist plots. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill his mission. And doing so means he occasionally has to “go dark.” He cuts off all communications with everybody else, for his safety and theirs, and simply gets stuff done.

If you own a business, take a Jack Bauer day on occasion. In fact, do it as often as you can. Go dark. Don’t answer your phone. Don’t even thinking about checking emails. And simply focus on stuff that needs to get done. Stuff that you are really good at when you are able to focus. You will get more done on a day you “go dark” than you will in most typical weeks.

Wes, who writes all of Schedulefly’s code, went dark yesterday. I knew because I had called him, emailed him, and texted him and got no response. Once I realized what was happening, I wasn’t concerned. I wasn’t frustrated by no responses. In fact, I smiled widely and nodded in appreciation. I knew he had “gone dark” for the day, and I knew that meant he had his head down and was cranking out some awesome stuff. O.K., so he wasn’t risking his life to save the world from eminent destruction like Jack does, but he was deliberately pulling himself out of the noise for a while, and he had an incredibly productive day for our company.

Wil @ Schedulefly