When Customers Love Your Product, They Will Help You Spread The Word!

I know this is the case – because I would do the same. If Patagonia or Tibor Fly Reels or South Beach Grill in Wrightsville Beach NC sent me a video camera in the mail and asked me to say something about their business or product – I would take time out of my day and stand in front of it and tell people how much I love it.

When we send our flip video camera to our customers – we simply ask them to point the camera at people who work there and ask them to say something about Schedulefly. We’ve never suggested they say anything specific, especially getting together outside to hoot and holler about how much they love our software. Actually I am amazed at how many customers use the word love. Unlike a written testimonial that a company writes and asks the customer to OK, this is clearly a sincere message and it is awesome.


Here are some more….and there are a bunch more lined up waiting for our camera!

Keepin’ It Fun

The Schedulefly Team