The Heart vs. The Head

"I was signing up for freedom." That response swiftly left my lips when my former partner (Bobby) in a former business (First Research) recently asked me what I was signing up for when I signed up to work with him. Bobby and I once were colleagues at a very large, national bank. We were both... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Stop Rereading Rework

I just finished reading Rework for the 3rd time - from the guys at 37signals. My business partner, Wil, and I have been emailing each other quotes from this book since it came out. It's about keeping your business model and products simple and focusing on what really matters. It's about ignoring and doing less... Continue Reading →

In and Out in Ninety Seconds

My guess is I'm one of the only people on the planet who will go to his grave arguing that "Point Break" is one of the greatest movies ever made. Yes, that Point Break. Keanu Reeves. Patrick Swayze. Gary Busey. Surfing. Bank robbery. Sky diving. Fist fights. Car chases. Drug raids. Shootouts. I'll spare you... Continue Reading →

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