A Note to all Schedulefly Customers

Hey everybody, we wanted to update you on some new tools and other fun things we have going on at Schedulefly.

Our Blog
We decided recently to use our blog as our primary way to communicate with you, our customers. So we’ll start posting important info and updates here, and you can either check it on occasion, or save the page as a favorite, or sign up to receive emails or RSS feeds if you’d like to know as soon as we post. In addition to product news, we often write about our general business philosophies and what we’re thinking about as it relates to running Schedulefly. You might agree with some stuff, and you might disagree. Either way, we’d love for you to comment on the posts if you have an opinion. Don’t be shy!

Your Message Wall
If managers and staff aren’t using your Message Wall yet, give it a try. It’s a powerful tool that will help foster teamwork and camaraderie. We promise! As one customer recently put it, “Our Message Wall is our own little online community for our restaurant. It helps make us feel like one big family.” And managers, it will save you phone calls and headaches when you need to get information to lots of people quickly. You can “Broadcast” messages from the Wall to all staff, or to specific individuals or groups. A Broadcast message will post to the Wall and go to all recipients as an email and a text message. No phone calls – just one single click.

New Job Post ToolPost Open Jobs. Review Applicants.
Hey Admin users, if you haven’t clicked the “Jobs” link, check it out. You can post your new job openings through Schedulefly. A web page with the job details and a way for job seekers to apply is created, so you can put the URL on Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, etc. When people apply – you get an email alert. We store their information and their resume for review by managers. There’s also a widget so you can embed the jobs on your site. It’s worth checking out!

New Reminder Tool
Ever need to remind yourself to do something on a date in the future? You can – easily – with the “My Reminders” link in the top right corner of your Schedulefly page. Log in and check it out.

Restaurant Owner Podcasts
Wil recently started a series of podcasts with our customers who own restaurants. We’re capturing the thoughts of successful restaurant owners on the restaurant industry, the economy, trends, technology, secret sauces and more. These conversations are not about using Schedulefly – they are about running a restaurant. If you are an owner and would like to spend just 10 minutes to share your thoughts with Wil, please let us know. Wil keeps it relaxed, laid back, and conversational – nothing fancy or formal. After we have a few more, we’ll alert restaurant pubs and hospitality schools about this series, so you’ll get great exposure for your restaurant, and have a chance to offer valuable advice for all of the people who listen. Click here to listen to the podcasts we’ve done so far.

Keepin’ It Simple & Fun,

Wes, Tyler, and Wil