Email Photos To Your Schedulefly Message Wall

I used to hate being scheduled as a “late” server. I always gave up that shift. Some people loved having that shift – because nights that started slow and ended with late a rush usually resulted in a fat pocket full of tips. The early waiters were cut since it was slow and then the late waiters often found themselves all alone with a restaurant full of hungry customers. The chance of that never outweighed the dreaded task of having to clean the dinning room and 1/2 the kitchen at the end of the night…

Late servers had to clean, wipe, scrub and mop….and sweat. I was like 20 yrs old – so mopping up after other people (let alone myself) was not something I liked to do. Now – a dad with a 3yr old – it’s just part of my day. Back then I would have rather gotten punched in the face.

Anyway – after cleaning and wiping and mopping and scrubbing – the owner would walk around and inspect our effort before letting us go. I remember he would just point at stuff – like Obi Wan pointing at Stormtroopers…causing them to say what he was thinking. “You will clean this bread warmer again”…”We will clean this bread warmer again”.

We would follow him around while he pointed at things that needed more attention. Ugh – it seemed it was never good enough….but that is why we always had a superb inspection report from the health department – something the team was always proud of.

Anyway – the reason for this blog post is that we’ve added a simple way for restaurant managers to take photos and just email them to their wall. Taking a photo of a perfect clean up job would have been fantastic! He could have shared it with the team – with a note that said – “Don’t come get me – or plan on leaving – until the Kitchen looks likes this”.

The photo could be anything actually – maybe a dirty coffee station, a clean walk-in freezer, a packed house, or someone famous in the bar! Whatever – just snap a photo with your phone and email it to your wall where the entire team can see it and comment. The photo is automatically posted to the Message Wall (like below) and to the Documents tab – in the photos section.

Keepin’ It Simple and Fun To Use