How Schedulefly Is Like An Exercise Band

I recently got worn out of going to the gym. I never did the cardio equipment because I like to do my cardio outdoors. So I used the barbells and dumbbells and other equipment. But I got bored with it. The crowds. Too much equipment leaving me with too many choices. Wiping up other people’s sweat. The drive there and back. It was all just too much, and I knew I needed a change. But I didn’t have another solution. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of equipment for my house. I was stuck.

And then I found the exercise band you see below in my wife’s collection of exercise equipment. I had never used one, so played around with it. I tried various levels of tension. I did stuff with my biceps, triceps, shoulders, and all of the muscles I normally work on at the gym. And eureka! This rubber band has now replaced my trips to the gym. An inexpensive, elegant solution to my problem. I even keep it in my office. I hop up from my desk a few times every day and use it. It’s flexible, simple, easy, and intuitive. And it has made my life much easier!

I can’t help thinking of Schedulefly in the same light. Restaurant managers and employees and owners everywhere are tired of hand written time off requests and schedules. Staff are tired of driving in or calling to check schedules. Managers are tired of being interrupted with schedule phone calls or shift trade requests. Owners don’t want staff hanging around making drinks and eating chips and distracting the prep crews when they come in to check their schedules. But until recently, they didn’t have another solution. They were stuck.

And now many of them are finding Schedulefly. They have never used it so they sign up for a free 30-day trial. They play around with it. They check out all of the cool tools. Managers create schedules from the comfort of their houses, and approve/decline shift trades with a click, not a bunch of phone calls. Employees receive their schedules as text messages on their cell phones, or as emails, or they check them on Schedulefly’s web site. Owner’s don’t have employees literally eating into their profits while they hang around at work to check their schedules. And eureka! This simple restaurant staff scheduling and communication app has replaced pencil and paper, or Excel. An inexpensive, elegant solution to their problem. They can even access it anywhere since it’s web-based. They hop on it any time they want. It’s flexible, simple, easy, and intuitive. And its making their lives much easier.

Keepin’ It Elegant,