Restaurant Owner Podcast # 5 – Nasser Razmyar, Mez, Charlotte, NC – 150 Employees

This is our latest podcast in an on-going series that will feature insightful discussions with independent restaurant owners around the world. They talk about owning restaurants – why they own one, what goes into their secret sauce, how they keep their staff engaged, what advice they have for someone opening their first restaurant, and more.

Nasser talks about his path from pizza cook to owning Mez, one of the most popular, successful places in Charlotte. He did everything along the way from washing dishes to cooking to bussing tables to serving to managing to being a director of ops. Along with experience, he attributes his success to his education, his willingness to take a chance, and his mentality to work harder than “the next guy.” He also discusses restaurant technology, how he gets his staff as excited about Mez as he is, and much more.

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