Helping Restaurants Find New Staff

This is a quick introduction to a new feature we've added for our customers that lets them post job openings online. We've given them a simple way to create a page with the jobs details and a built in "Apply" button. When people apply, the application details are stored inside Schedulefly for easy viewing at... Continue Reading →

Wil’s Whiteboard, Volume II – Some Ideas Don’t Work Out Like We Hoped

I thought we could accelerate our infiltration of franchised brands that we already serve, and quickly start helping lots more of them with easy restaurant staff scheduling and communication. I was sure I had a great idea of how to make it happen. I was wrong.... Knowing When to Scrap Bad Ideas,Wil

Wil’s Whiteboard – Volume I

Hey folks, I decided to start filming and discussing the stuff that is on my white board. I thought it would be cool to show you ideas we are brainstorming (for our app, our web site, our marketing, etc.), and talk about what's behind the ideas and why we are considering them. Any time we... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Owner Podcast #14 – "Part Of Our Mission Is To Have Fun, So We Look For Employees That Are Fun To Be Around & Hang Out With."

Kevin Horne spent fifteen years in corporate America. Now he owns a very successful Great Harvest Bread location in Lincoln, NE. Kevin talks about having fun, being generous, and other nuggets of wisdom that have helped him quickly build a successful location, even after having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This is awesome! Enjoy...

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