Don’t Plan On Doing It. Just Do It.

This commercial is one of the most memorable and inspirational commercials I have ever seen. It gave me chills the first time I saw it.

And while it was created to inspire us all to get off our butts and stop making excuses and go do some form of exercise – for which you might just need new Nike gear – its message is relevant in many other ways, including how we make many decisions at Schedulefly. When we have an idea and our guts tell us we’re onto something, we just do it, often without knowing what will happen. Like the folks in the commercial, we lace up our shoes and go at it.

One of the great things about having a small team and not too many cooks in the kitchen is you can “just do it” when you have a great idea. You don’t have to over-analyze it. You don’t have let people who don’t share your vision get in your way. And you don’t have to water down your idea with groupthink. No committees. No analysis. No meetings. Just do it.

For instance, we recently thought it would be cool to record conversations with customers on why they like Schedulefly, and turn them into podcasts. We didn’t know exactly what we’d do with them, but we knew they would be good to have, so we just started creating them. Not only do we now house them in our blog, we also have a few on our Home page, our Pricing page, our Buzz page, and within our customer success pages. We also knew it would be great to have short customer video testimonials, so we bought a Flip cam and started mailing it to customers. We weren’t sure where we’d display the videos or how we’d use them. We just knew they would be fun and valuable customer videos, and now we have inserted them in several places on our site, and people love them.

The best part is we keep coming up with additional byproducts. The customer podcasts led us to realize that we should talk to indie owners about what it’s like to own a restaurant, their secrets to success, and generally what makes them tick and what’s on their minds. Now we have a cool podcast series that we’re going to run with – we’ll have hundreds of these before long.

Like the people in the Nike commercial, when you own a business and have a small team you can just do it every day. No excuses. No hurdles. Nothing stopping you. Just get out there and do it.


P.S. This summer Wes and I are going to rent an RV and drive around to a few states and visit a bunch of customers. We’ll take our Flip cam and film customers and us talking about Schedulefly while on the road. We think we’re going to create a documentary with it, but the plan is still blurry. But we’re definitely going to just do it and see what happens.