Why We Focus

Seems like every week I find myself talking to someone about Schedulefly…what it is, why we created it, who uses it etc. It’s fun to talk about it because nearly everyone has had to check a work schedule somewhere at some point in their life….so they get it right away. It is easy to describe what we do. After a quick description they usually say “Oh man, that would have been so nice to have back when I was a bartender in college”. They next thing they say, almost every time, is “I bet you could sell that to anyone with hourly employees – right? Why is it just for restaurants? My sister is a nurse and she has huge headaches scheduling 50 other nurses. Seems like it would be great for hospitals.”

Yes it would be great and someone will definitely create a simple product one day to help those industries too. Since we enjoy being a small company without a bunch of managers, staff and offices – we have to keep a sharp focus. Spinning off multiple versions of our product would dilute our focus and spread us too thin. It would make us and our software more ordinary. Every month we keep getting better. We are creating an extraordinary product that keeps getting more valuable for customers with very similar traits. The more restaurants that use it – the better it gets. Since we attract customers with very similar needs – they actually help us help others by making suggestions for themselves.

The happy restaurateurs on our website would not be there if we were spending time developing scheduling software for 2 or 3 different industries. They are happy because we focus on them and we keep it simple. We spend 100% of our time on their product – talking about it with them and making it better. Diversifying would require more people, more distractions, more meetings, more rules and more policies. The balance we’ve created for our business and our personal lives by having our focus and keeping things simple would vanish. Our business would become bigger, more corporate and less fun. And ultimately our service would become more mediocre and overtime…less valuable.