Common Traits of Schedulefly Customers

We have recently been working to understand the common traits that our restaurant customers share. And we’ve learned that outside of the obvious desire they all have to improve their restaurant staff scheduling and communication, the commonalities are pretty easy to determine…

Independently Owned Restaurants
Almost all of our customers are independently owned restaurants. Most of our customers have one, two, five, or maybe ten locations. Many are franchisees. All of our customers tend to value easy communication, simplicity and focus on creating fun environments. Since we focus on the basics and leave out complicated features and rules, we usually attract restaurants without a governing corporate headquarters. We attract restaurants that are empowered to make smart financial decisions for their own business and ones that like to empower their staff.

Employee Focused
Most restaurants will tell you they care about their employees. And you can be certain the employees know if that’s true, or just lip service. Most of Schedulefly’s customers really mean it. You can tell when you speak to them. The owners and managers talk a lot about their employees. They tell you one of the most important reasons they use Schedulefly is to improve communication with their employees. And to keep them connected. And to help build camaraderie and teamwork. And simply to give their employees a fun tool that makes their lives easier. They tend to think like Richard Taubin, co-owner of Friends Coastal Restaurant in Madisonville, LA, who says “We are very family oriented. Our employees come first, even before our customers.” Or they think like Kiersten Traina of Liberty Market in Gilbert, AZ who thinks about and accounts for her employees’ personal schedules as much as her restaurant’s needs when creating the weekly staff schedule.

Fun & Family
Most owners, managers, and employees of Schedulefly customers will tell you their restaurant is a fun place to work. They’ll say it “feels like family.” If you and your employees would say the same, Schedulefly is probably a great fit. We have a fun app that helps our restaurant customers foster teamwork and camaraderie and build their own online communities. Frankly, that’s why we are so focused on serving independent restaurants, and franchisees that think like them. We’ve found that indies like to keep things simple. They like to keep things fun. And they like to feel like a family. As Renee Shuey, GM of Murray Brothers Caddyshack in St. Augustine, FL told Wil: “We’re like one big family. We like to have fun. And Schedulefly fits right in with our approach.” If you can relate to Renee’s philosophy, you think like most of our customers, and you and your employees will probably love using Schedulefly.

If you find yourself nodding knowingly while reading this and thinking “That’s us!”, then I’ll bet you Schedulefly will be a great fit for your restaurant. We’d love for you to sign up for a Free Trial and find out.

Keepin’ It Straightforward,

The Schedulefly Crew


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