Rolling Back the Curtains on Schedulefly’s New, Free Restaurant Jobs Site

Social networks are changing the way businesses find and recruit new staff. Many restaurants are letting their Facebook fans and their Twitter followers know about job openings instead of posting to the big search engines like Monster and Yahoo. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to post a job that is immediately seen by thousands of unqualified candidates – they are targeting their broadcast and finding the right people faster – for free. They are finding local people who might be familiar with their business and/or their staff. People with whom they (or someone on their staff) may already have a connection. It makes sense.

So we decided to help restaurants take advantage of this by making the hiring process easier and much more organized. We’ve given them a free easy job posting tool so they can create a job opening page with a way for people to apply. They simply share this page with their team and on their social networks. When someone applies- we notify the hiring managers via email and attach the resume. They can also visit the site to review applicants, post and edit jobs. All the applications are stored nice and neat for review at any time.

This tool is one of the tools that Schedulefly’s customers use in our easy web-based restaurant staff scheduling and communication app. It was easy to build and is easy to maintain and was frankly a very easy piece to strip out of our app and give away for free to restaurants.

So now – any restaurant, anywhere, can now post jobs online for free at Yep, that’s right. Any restaurant. Anywhere. Free.

Keepin’ It Simple & Building Our Brand,

The Schedulefly Crew


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