Successful Restaurateur: Add Up All the Hours We Used To Spend And Schedulefly Is Money Well Spent

Restaurant owners and managers usually can’t find extra time to eat and sleep, much less, time to tell us how our software helps their business and makes their staff’s lives easier. So when we get their undivided attention even for just 2 minutes – we try to make the best of it! Recently we caught up with one of Joe’s Real BBQ owners – Tad Peelen and asked him to tell us more about the ROI his family owned and operated restaurant receives from Schedulefly. What he said was cool and clearly something that is much easier to realize in hindsight…so I wanted to share it here.

  When we study our investment in Schedulefly, we look at before and after scenarios. Before, we were spending hours creating schedules in Excel that were posted on a bulletin board in the employee break room. We spent more hours during the week taking phone calls from people who couldn’t make their scheduled shifts, and trying to cover those shifts. Add up all of the hours we used to spend, and add in the fact we can now communicate with our employees instantly, our employees can cover their own shifts, and schedules can be viewed from any phone or computer in the world, and then it becomes a no-brainer. Money well spent.  

Thanks Tad and team! This insight into the ROI your seeing from using Schedulefly really helps other restaurateurs who are learning more about us.

The Schedulefly Crew


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