Where We’re Heading with Schedulefly…

We always try to be very open about what’s happening at Schedulefly, including our plans for the business. So here’s a simple list of what Wes, Tyler and I are working towards every day, one customer at a time.

Become the Most Beloved Brand in the Independent Restaurant Space
We love indies. Everything we do is based on making the lives of folks at independent restaurants easier. So we make our app really easy for them to use, and we use our blog as a tool to let them tell their stories, and to promote them, and do whatever we can to support them. Years from now, we want every independent restaurateur to know and love our brand. Period. That’s what fuels our fires every day.

Be a Great Company, But Not Necessarily a Big Company
We purposely made Schedulefly simple, intuitive, and flexible, so we wouldn’t have to have a bunch of people to provide customer support. We don’t have many customer support requests, and new customers rarely need any training. We believe passionately and very, very confidently that we can grow our business significantly with just a few people. We have three people now, and our guess is we will have no more than four or five people two or three years from now. We strive to be great. Not big.

Never Sell Our Business
People always ask us, “What is your exit strategy?” People think it sounds sexy or cool or something to have an “exit strategy.” And they assume all entrepreneurs have “exit strategies.” After all, when people “exit” it means they sold their business for lots of money, and people like those kinds of stories. So the press always tells us about mergers and acquisitions, and entrepreneurs “exiting” with lots of cash and, presumably, their dreams fulfilled. But the three of us love Schedulefly. We love what we do every day. So why in the world would we ever have a strategy to “exit” something we love? And since we love Schedulefly, we make decisions based on what’s best for our business, not based on propping our business up to be sold one day.

It’s fun to dream big while also focusing on keeping things simple. It’s working great so far!



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